Savouring SG: A Foodie/Footie Experience

Not so long ago, a guest asked casually, “What’s the national sport for Singapore?” Well, that got me stumped for a split second, mainly because we participate in a variety of sports for recreation. We are not like the Kiwis who love and excel in rugby or Japanese who are famed for sumo wrestling. Searching through my memories, football has to be the most popular spectator sports! But, alas! My driver suddenly quipped, “noooooooo way”! After a brief session of friendly debate, we have consensus that EATING might be our “national sport”.

Did you know that Singapore’s street food was included in Patricia Schultz’s 1,000 Places To See/Do Before You Die?

Most Singaporeans love food and I am not exception. If you are a fellow foodie, someone who enjoys good food or game enough to try the diverse cuisines of Singapore, do join me to Savour Singapore and gain a Foodie/Footie experience. Join me, as we explore the best of Singapore’s food on foot.

Be it breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea or dinner, I am always available for (a few) good meals. I try very hard to avoid supper for vanity sake but can be tempted to make an exception once every blue moon. If you are interested, do drop me a message for more information. 😉

PS: All food featured above has been consumed by me. Prior to eating, I always occasionally take pictures of the delicious food spread before me. These are just some (there are more!) of my favorite food in Singapore.