Little Red Dot

Singapore is commonly known as the ‘Little Red Dot’. Did you know that this nickname was originally used to refer to our sunny island city in a disparaging manner? However, this Little Red Dot has since been recognised and used with PRIDE by the locals and visitors from around the world. Despite our physical limitations, we have come a long way! (Now, who said that size matters?)

From the example of the Little Red Dot, there are just a couple of points that you need to know about Singapore (or any other travel destinations):

  • Never judge a book by its cover; or a travel destination by its size! A travel destination always has more to offer if only you wish to explore. I dare you to stay in Singapore for a 2-week vacation!
  • Despite being a multi-racial and multi-cultural island city, our country enjoys harmony, unity and shares pride in being part of the Little Red Dot. Surely, this can only be achieved if people keep an open mind and are gracious beings.

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