Local Breakfast/Lunch with Travel Guide

Have you eaten? Food plays an integral part of our daily life, especially for Singaporeans where relations are usually forged and strengthened over a shared meal. Communal dining is a common affair, regardless of eating with the chopsticks, fork or by hand. Before we get down to business, let’s do it the local way and have a simple meal together. 🙂 

Disclaimer: No guarantee for good weather, silence and easy questions. To find out more, drop me a message for more information! 


  • 2-hour Local Breakfast or Lunch: Main dish + Snacks/Desserts
  • Recommended itinerary and local expertise for your trip in Singapore

Who is it for?

  • Sophisticated travellers who enjoy local interactions and want good advice on exploring Singapore based on personal interests
  • Business travellers that require local insights in an efficient and enjoyable way
  • Curious and open-minded travellers that want to have a sampler of Singapore’s flavours and good info to explore Singapore on your own

Why you should book this? Because it means you can……

  • Enjoy a stress-free meal before you start your tour in Singapore
  • Have a personalised travel guide in Singapore (in human form) 
  • Delight your tastebuds with specially selected local flavours
  • Support local businesses in Singapore

To find out more, drop me a message for more information!