Gems in the West

From crocodile-infested land to a booming industrial estate and vibrant residential town, Jurong, which lies in western Singapore, is often overlooked as a choice attraction. Your journey to the West promises entry to one of Singapore’s oldest residential estates, Taman Jurong and its nearby attractions. Explore snippets of nature and delve into interesting cultures! Places of attraction around this heartland include the Chinese Garden, Japanese Garden, The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum, Our Museum @ Taman Jurong, Singapore Discovery Centre (sorta like a science centre), Jurong Bird Park, etc.

Special Highlights: SUNRISE in the West (Walking Tour)

A heron nicknamed ‘superstar’ perches proudly on its throne while squirrels run about in their wonderland. Nature beckons. The sounds of morning nature are melodious.

Come and take a morning stroll at the Japanese & Chinese Gardens! Discover an idyllic sanctuary whereby local residents engage in morning exercises and migratory birds make cameo appearances (usually between September to March). Beyond the tranquil scenery and great photo opportunities, stories abound. And yes, your guide promises to share her knowledge unconditionally.

SUNRISE in the West is a 2-hour guided walking tour best suited for nature / culture lovers. It is also great for individuals who seek a short and idyllic getaway from towering skyscrapers. Click here for enquiries / to make reservations.

PS: Since when does the sun rise in the West? Well, technically it doesn’t but that is not to say that you cannot see the sun rising in the West! It gets there eventually, allowing you to sleep in for a couple more minutes.

If you are planning to head West and would like to gain further insights to this part of our island, I would love to show you around. Do feel free to contact me / make enquiries here.